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12 Most Technologically Advanced Countries

/ January 13, 2015

12 Most Technologically Advanced Countries

Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry. Many nations worldwide have used technology to enhance the quality of life of their people.

Here are the 12 most technologically advanced countries in the world as of 2015.

12) China

China has often been touted as the next super power. Some say that it is already a superpower. The nation has surprised the world with major developments in the field of technology. Gunpowder and compass were first used in China. Today it is focusing on fields like robotics, semiconductors, high-speed trains, supercomputers, genetics and automobiles. It is steadily expanding its space exploration program.


11) Netherlands

High-tech companies in the Netherlands manufacture telecommunication systems, computers, electronic measurement and control equipment, medical and scientific instruments, and electric switching gear and transformers. The nation has made significant strides with inventions like compact disc, artificial kidney, pendulum clock, telescope and microscope.

Superbus by Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

Superbus by Delft University of Technology, Netherlands


  • JCDavis says:

    Love that the article puts Japan in first place using a picture from a fashion show.

  • Gary Sellars says:

    Israels “space science” is mostly associated with spysats. Take away its military tech, and what does it have? zip…

    A racist and apartheid nation that doesn’t belong on this list…

    • Guest-Boo says:

      Obviously you known nothing about their incredibly dense tech start-up scene and the vast network of over 200 R&D centers operated, largely, by major multinationals. You also are ignorant to their superior agricultural technology and the new high-speed rail being constructed. So, basically, SHUT UP!

    • Hein Pienaar says:

      Racist??? Where are you from?

    • Israel Swagger says:

      I’m from Israel. The citizens are *ssholes, I know. But actually or prime minister who’s very racist. I actually like Muslims. I don’t blame them for hating Jews. Because the way they are treated by Jews is hell. I’m damn serious. Oh, and yes, Israelis cuss WAY too much.

  • Indra Kumar says:

    How come France is out of this list? So also Sweden, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, India, Australia?

  • Tar Atanamir says:

    Put Sweden in between Russia and Germany and this list will be a bit more credible.

    Singapore has the fastest internet with 1 Gbps? Strange, I have that right at home here in Sweden.
    And nuclear reactors supply around 40 percent of Sweden’s electricity, if that is a thing that matters to this list.

  • Phill says:

    Canada’s Arrow never got beyond prototype. The project was dumped WAY back in the early 1960s when the USA thought that using nuclear missiles, like the Bomarc, to blow up Russian bomber formations was the future, and aircraft were not. Most of the aeronautical engineers working on the project became leaders in developing NASA’s Apollo mission.

  • mr bossman says:

    UK + US > All other countries in history combined

  • Luv Life More says:

    The list is produced for the promotion of the apartheid entity Israel. Using espionage and deception to steal EU and US research work and claiming it as own. Not a credible list at all!

    • Kellem All says:

      You are correct about israel and China is up there as well in thievery as I posted a few minutes ago.. And the fact that Johnathan Pollard is free now and not in a pine box makes this American sick to his stomach!

  • dimensional elevator makes japan number one

  • AlexCristo says:

    Er, France? ITALY? Singapore and Holland don’t have the technological legacies of France and Italy. C’man!

  • Kellem All says:

    Lets dish some hard truths about this list. Nearly Everything that the Asian nations have in the technology field was or is from imitating (or in China’s, and India’s cases, blatantly stealing/pirating from the USA, Germany, UK and basically all developed nations at one time or another. . Israel and China are bigger technological thieves than Russia ever was or could be. Johnathan Pollard perhaps is the biggest turncoat in modern anti-USA spying history. severely jeopardized the lives of every American and many other developed countries for many years=unbeknownst to the American and international public. Pollard was given a life sentence but served 29 years in a federal prison. Of course Israel’s powerful players lobbied for this man’s release on parole and got it in November of last year. He should have been executed the day he was caught as well as his accomplices. He is revered in Israel. Ah, our good old “allies” the nation of Israel right? Between WWII, Pollard, the attack on the USS LIberty and Israel’s insistence that we the USA take on the lion’s share of fighting Jerusalem’s recent wars, giving arms and aid unabated and the illegal occupation the US, the UK and Russia sanctioned after WWII and the continued development of illegal settlements going unabated in Israel currently, (whew that’s quite a list) I personally feel we should take a century off from our “great allies” in Israel.

  • Chou says:

    Can Singapore and South Korea invent anything? Never!

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