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The Most Expensive Homes of African American Celebrities

/ January 14, 2016

These talented African American celebrities have a huge fan following all over the world. They have become super-rich. Some of them knows how to flaunt their fortune; you will find some of them draped in chains, wearing latest hi-tops. They have built expensive homes, which ordinary folk crave to live in.

Here are the 15 most expensive homes of African American celebrities.

15) Birdman’s Mansion in Miami, FL ($14.5 Million (2012)

Birdman has a nine bedroom mega-mansion in Palm Island, Miami, Florida. This property (which was worth $14.5 million in 2012), has an elevator, below-ground pool and a private dock with ocean access. Strangely, this mansion has 17 bathrooms. This expensive mansion was previously owned by record producer Scott Storch, who had lost it to foreclosure in 2010.


14) 50 Cent’s House in Connecticut – $14.5 million (2015)

50 Cent’s 50,000 square foot mansion in Connecticut has 21 bedrooms and 37 bathrooms. The property, which covers 17 acres, has a helipad. This rapper, singer, entrepreneur, investor and actor originally listed the mansion for $18.5 million in 2007 but dropped the price many times during subsequent attempts to sell. Currently it is worth $14.5 million.


13) Denzel Washington’s Mansion in Beverly Hills, CA – $14.6 Million

Immensely talented actor and filmmaker Denzel Washington’s 30,000 square foot residence in the exclusive Beverly Park is valued at $14.6 million. It takes up two lots. It has a guest house, two entrances, and a sunken, illuminated tennis court.


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