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Top 20 Most Beautiful Celebrities in the Philippines

/ January 2, 2015

The Philippines is home to some of the most beautiful women in the planet. Besides beauty, Filipinas are also very friendly and hospitable. They are deeply rooted to their values and culture, which set them apart from the rest. The Philippines have a profound history of various colonizers, including the Spanish, the Japanese, and the Americans. The Philippines is also a wonderful tropical country where a lot of foreigners take their vacations. Some of these foreigners become so deeply in love with the Philippines that they choose to live there. This is why some of the women in the Philippines have foreign ancestry, which contributes to the exotic mix of their beauty. However, it is not just the physical aspect that makes the Filipina beautiful, it is their sweet, respectful, strong, and independent attitude that makes them truly beautiful.

Richest Lifestyle’s 2015 list of the most beautiful celebrities in the Philippines:

1. Angel Locsin

Her fans both in the Philippines and in foreign countries adore Angel. Yes, she is beautiful and sexy, but it is her friendly and down to earth attitude that grabs the hearts of people. She starred in some of the best TV series in two of the biggest networks in the Philippines. She starred in Mulawin and Darna from GMA7, then Lobo in ABS CBN.


2. Anne Curtis

Anne is born to an Australian father and a Filipina mother, which apparently is a beautiful combination. She is one of the lead hosts of a popular noontime show in the Philippines called Showtime. She also stars in a leading TV series called Dyesebel, where she plays a mermaid. She is not just beautiful; she is also very charming and funny that people easily get drawn to her aura.


3. Marian Rivera

Marian is considered as GMA&7’s “Primetime Queen” with all her successful TV series. She stars now in a high rating TV series called Carmela. She also graced topless in the 14th anniversary cover of FHM Philippines. Her magnetic personality attracts multitudes to her.



  • elvirglenn galapon says:


  • Rey Gallego says:

    lots of them,not orig pinays..

  • Pilita Flores says:

    KC Conception? You must be kidding.

  • Jannie Sandy says:

    Whatever, Marian Rivera will always be the sexiest and the goddess of them all. Nice try whoever compiled this

  • 내 한국 이름은 태양입니다 says:

    Sarah G for the win.

  • Kyla cepriano says:

    I think there’s wrong. Beacause most of the let’s say Choices are not a True Filipina. Some of them have Australian, British, Mexican and American Blood. I think Kathryn Bernardo should be in there. Many Filipinos praise her beauty. Beacause it’s so Unique and most filipinos described her beauty as a true Definition of Filipina Beauty

  • Anita jacob says:

    07061635034 Anita jacob is my name a Nigerian. For me marian rivera Dantes is the number one. She is too beautiful, pretty in face, good in shape and everthing

  • bluebird says:

    NOT KIM CHIU!….she had rhinoplssty, facial contouring, blepharoplasty and mammoplasty….lahat fake! Well…. almost all either nagpa boob job, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty or facial contouring din, kaya lang siya pinakyaw lahat!

  • Neila says:

    Bea Alonzo is one of my favorite from your above compiled list. she is famous for her natural beauty and has very attractive eyes. She is currently a most popular actresses on TV and films.

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