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Average Salary of a Public Relations Professional

/ July 29, 2014

How Much Do Public Relations Professionals Make Per Year?

Average Salary of a Public Relations Professional: Public Relations Professionals generally work as Presidents and Vice Presidents of companies. In 2014 the average Executive Vice President of a company earns a yearly salary of $164,500. This is 1.7% more than they earned performing the same job in 2013. Senior Vice Presidents are earning slightly less at $141,100 yearly, which is a 1.9% increase over their 2013 earnings. Vice Presidents of companies earn an average of $118,800 per year, which means they earn more than 3.9% more than they did in 2014.

Salary By Cities

In popular metro areas such as Chicago, in 2014 the average Executive Vice President is earning $176,100 per year. A Senior Vice President in Houston earns an average yearly salary of $138,900. Vice Presidents of companies in Washington D.C. are earning an average salary of $118,800 per year. Each of these positions in these metro areas pays more than they did in 2013 as well.

Public Relations managers are earning roughly $58,476 per year, but the salary range runs from $36,187 to $96,050. With the national average salary of a Public Relations manager being $59,000 for 2014 entry level employees are earning 20% less than that. Those with up to 10 years of experience in the field are earning 5% more than the national average while those who have worked in public relations for 10-20 years are earning 22% more than the national average. Those who have been in the position for 20 years or more are earning 23% more than the national average for the industry.

Working as a public relations professional can be very lucrative for the right people.

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