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10 Most Beautiful First Ladies in Africa of 2014

/ October 10, 2014

After compiling a list of the world’s most beautiful First Ladies, we decided to create a list of African First Ladies.

Let’s see the most beautiful First Ladies in Africa.

1) Princess Lalla Salma (Morocco)

Princess Lalla Salma is married to the King of Morocco, Mohammed the VI. Physically as well as intellectually, Lalla Salma is beautiful. She has a beautiful face crowned with red hair, and holds a degree in engineering. As she is married to the King, Lalla Salma has a lot of influence in the government of Morocco but apart from that she also has started an organization with the objective to fight cancer.


2) Sylvia Bongo Ondimba (Gabon)

Topping the list of the most beautiful First Ladies in Africa is Sylvia Bongo Ondimba, who is also considered to be one of the most beautiful first women of the world, even succeeding the beautiful Chantal Biya, First Lady of Cameroon. She ranked #7 on our list of world’s most beautiful First Ladies. The Gabon First Lady’s beauty is further advanced by her love for fashion; she is a big fan of famous designer, Valentino and the brand, Chanel, and is also a member of the haute couture club. Likewise, her own style is never off, and she wears great custom-tailored clothes. Sylvia is also a women and children activist and her confidence and passion makes her shine.



  • feisalpinto says:

    i think you should do again this article cause check on Tanzanian First lady, she is suppose to be in the List, But i dont know what categories where you concetrating on

    • Faustin says:

      Maybe she does not have a bleached skin, cause those that are featured mostly look like they have bleached their skins bar those that are naturally lighter in skin complexion. Awful article.

    • Brian says:

      Lousy article, many have been left out because the a dark skined and realy potray African beauty. Even the wife of Zambian late president (passed away 3 days ago) Chirsten is a gorgeous woman with a captivating smile who happens to be a medical doctor and runs a cancer awareness, prevention and treatment organisation

  • Faustin says:

    Rubbish. They only chose the First Ladies with light skin complexion that is natural or lightened using skin bleaching products. Author must have a white complex enforcing all the wrong African stereotypes.

    • marocaine says:

      I was actually wondering when I read the article, if all the African first ladies were white. It would have been better to show all the different types of beauty we have in Africa.

  • Lipo says:

    Stupid article reeling with low self-esteem of African beauty!!!

  • kevin kruger says:


  • Daniel Sackey Yobo says:

    Dear Kade Sara (author of article) rewrite this article and take into consideration social responsibility, and intellect forget about outward beauty. by the way what is Number 3 doing here.

  • alice kiteque Francisco says:

    I tank the top section 10 to choose my mother and mother for Angola
    Frankly it’s a generous she knows life is like the other we liked a lot Ana Paola do Santos

  • Mezroui El Mustapha says:

    Welcome To Morocco

  • Kirigo Kamore says:

    Firstly this article looks like it was written by a high school student, poor grammar, ineffective language and very superficial; ‘still look elegant even with whitish hairs’…’they dress and look expensive’. Hilarious…

    Why are you only focusing on their physical attributes? Who cares? A first lady could do a lot more than go shopping and slapping on makeup, especially a first lady from a poor country in need of female inspiration and access to resources I’m sure most of these woman could provide, even if it involves whispering sweet nothings into the presidential ear. I dislike that African first ladies are often just trophy wives, and are usually just seen and not heard. We need black, female Hilary Clintons and Angela Merkels and more Michelle Obamas who make a real difference and contribution to their respective countries, rather than a contribution to their country’s deficit and their own closets. I’m not inspired at all.

    P.S. just because a woman looks eccentric or has has clothes custom-made, it does not mean she’s fashionable or stylish. Gaddafi had his clothes custom-made, probably because no one in the respectable fashion arena would want to commit career suicide by creating such clothing. There is a line between kitsh, frou frou and chic, elegant. Peace.

  • Lucky Kunene says:

    why is Grace Mugabe not in this list?

  • Darkness says:

    A clown who thinks that being beautiful is to have a white skin wrote this article.

  • Pelga Kash says:

    How dare you leave out Mrs. Museveni. She’s a natural beauty!

  • sei says:

    This article needs to be rewritten. It lacks research.

    Kenya’s First Lady Margaret Kenyatta made history as the first ever First Lady to run a marathon (The London Marathon) for her cause to prevent infant and maternal deaths.

    She was also the first First Lady ever to be awarded the UN Person of the Year Award – 2014.

    Please give these women the respect they deserve. They are more than just “whitish hair”.

  • thiki says:

    This article suppose to be 10 Most light skin First Ladies in Africa of 2014

  • Cecilia James says:

    wondering what the writer classified as beauty especially in the African context.

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