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10 Coolest Urban Bikes

/ February 21, 2015

Urban bikes are gaining in popularity in many parts of the world. If you want to step away from the classic options for urban riding, there’s also several interesting alternatives. If you are planning to buy one and are wondering which are really cool, this list is right for you.

Here are some 10 coolest urban bikes.

VW Bik.e

VW Bik.e is a pedal-free electric bike offered by the German automobile giant Volkswagen. This amazing bike has a range of 12.5 miles. It is designed to draw a charge from the car itself. You need not worry about plugging it in.  The electric bike can be folded down into the spare tire compartment.

VW Bik.e



Courtesy of Volkswagen


Scrooser is a scooter spin-off from Germany. It is built around a small electric motor that is installed in its wheel hub. With its super-fat tyres, this electric cruiser was a KickStarter project that is now taking pre-orders.



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