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Top 10 Best Special Forces in the World

/ February 4, 2015

6) GIGN, France

National Gendarmerie Intervention Group (GIGN) is a special operations unit of the French Armed Forces. It is trained to perform counter-terrorist and hostage rescue missions. GIGN was created after the Munich massacre in the 1972 Olympic Games. It was formed in 1973. Its members are trained and equipped to respond to extremely violent attacks. The unit is headquartered in Satory, Yvelines, France, and has around 400 operators. GSN’s motto is “To save lives without regard to one’s own.” Intervention force, observation and search force and security and protection force are the three distinct parts of the unit.

GIGN, France

5) GSG 9, Germany

German counter-terrorism and special operations unit GSG 9 was officially established in 1973. It is a part of the German Federal Police. It came into existence after the mismanagement of the Germany Police to successfully free 11 Israeli athletes who were kidnapped in Munich during the Summer Olympic Games. The members of this unit are trained to handle cases of kidnapping, hostage taking, extortion and terrorism. GSG 9 is very active in developing and testing methods and tactics for these missions. They have successfully completed more than 1,500 missions between 1972 and 2003.

GSG 9, Germany

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  • killamericans says:

    no sorry the gign are not a army forces and can not operte outside witheout special derogtion
    the gendarmerie is the army on the territory but have no forces outisde
    it the same shit than swat police and there is two other group better so go take some information about your subject who is ,,,,make a good onanism for american readers ,,,,navy seals ,,,lol fuckin clown !
    you are so ridiculous you don t know the name of the french and english special forces who have no relation with your baby navy seals who ask ours guys to open the field in irak already in 2002 when you think we as not there ,,,,,today the french army not go in irak ,,,,,if you not compte the 200 guys we send last week ,,,,the 300 who have no legalexistence there ,,,the 500 who are in collaboration with us but officilay just next ,,,,,to take mali with 250 guys when u need 300 000 in irak we not send the gign fucking stupid fucker ,,,that is for you if you loose your poor job you are a population massturbator who is not a good parrot already and who can not make an imitation correctly ,,,already if you are not journalist but just a guy who copy poor informations he find you not do it good ,,,,,,the italy special forces ,,,stop baby ,,,stop ,,,,,

  • killamericans says:

    pakistan,,,,,very funny,,,,no chinese ,,,no russians ,,,no thai ,,,,,stop to make poor desinformation for american st*pid white ****** thank

  • killamericans says:

    navy seals ,,,,hahahahaha
    you are a clown
    and the gigin is a swat police
    you don t know another thing than the sas ? go buy a graduation of parrots maybe one day you can be a good guy who copy poor informations to make him believe he is a journalist but you have to work a lot before …..that for me is total non education about nothing ,,,,gign ,,pakistan ,,,navy seals ,,,poland special forces ,,,stop ,,,,go buy a graduation in wall mart or any fake university who have no respect anymore in world since the only parameter to evaluate quality of teaching is the number of nobel proce you pay ,,,to never teach lol ,,,,,, when like me you knwo the name of the only guy who organise the nobel price ( the one who have no vote lol ) norway guy who work since 30 years for the cia is make me have more fun than your ridiculous article

  • Dave Ceaser says:

    Not suprising that the person who made this list is American! Ask anyone outside the US what the number one special forces unit is and the answer will be the British SAS.

    • Joseph says:

      Is that why SAS have been getting captured lately? was it once in Iraq? twice in Syria, then again in Libya? in the last six years?

  • ryan says:

    lol the sas train the seals how are the seals better oh yeah it must have been an ammerican makeing this list

  • Amik K Ghosh says:

    This POST is such stupid…. As far as I have researched and Surveyed, MARCOS (Marine Commandos) India are among Top 2 Special Forces in the World…. And SSG, Lol, they don’t even rank in Top 15…

  • dom says:

    the gign should definitely have been the foreign legion, they would smash gign, also no gurkhas they are as badass as it gets

  • Pacopil says:

    GEO’S ?

  • anonymous says:

    what about Russia?
    Do not mess with spet.

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